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As people live longer and enjoy more active lifestyles, cracked teeth are becoming more and more common. Your endodontist will explain your unique situation to you.


There are many different types of cracked teeth and the treatment depends on the type, locations, and severity of the crack.

Cracked teeth are common and can be treated

What is a cracked tooth and why does it hurt?

- Craze lines

- Fractured cusp

- Treatable cracks

- Non-treatable cracks

- Split tooth

- Vertical root fracture

- Fractured tooth

- And more

Familiarize yourself with types of cracked teeth:

Sometimes when a cracked tooth occurs, a root canal will be required to treat the pulp inside the tooth. We also offer endodontic retreatment for clients that experience persistent pain in a tooth that was previously cracked or had a root canal.

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When you experience a cracked tooth, the pulp inside the tooth can easily become irritated. Severe cracks can lead to an infection in the pulp tissue, which can spread to the surrounding bone and gum tissue. It is important you seek treatment immediately if you have a cracked tooth to increase the chance of saving your natural tooth.


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